The best board games for smartphones on Android and iOS.

Board games have always been a popular leisure activity. Today they have been digitized and therefore more accessible. Thanks to the multiplayer mode, players can play a short game or get involved in a long, multi-day battle, being in different parts of the world. Having a stock of board games, you can always have fun, take your mind and compete with rivals.

TOP 10 board games for smartphones

Gaming applications on Android and iOS help some to pass the time, while others are completely immersed in an exciting process. Below are the "hot ten" board games, which are very popular among their fans.


It is not hard to guess that this online game is the embodiment of the popular genre of economic strategies. You can not only make money, but also bankrupt your opponents. To play Monopoly, you need at least one opponent, the maximum number of players is five. The maximum task is to achieve complete financial superiority over all participants. The rules are simple, so no one has any problems getting up to speed. Use your start-up capital wisely and you can build your personal financial empire.

Ticket to Ride

Train Ticket is a classic game application in which the participants are busy building a railway empire. The task of the players is to plot routes, connect cities, open stations - the more the better. The winner is the one who quickly establishes a railway connection and gets to the destination.


This cult classic card game for the company will be interesting for both adults and children. Collect cards by color or value, toss cards to your opponents, change the course of the game and beware of the insidiousness of your opponents. Each game is unique, the game is simple, but gambling is an ideal activity for a friendly company.

The Castles of Burgundy

Castles of Burgundy is a strategy game that takes players to medieval France. Everyone can feel like an aristocrat. You will have a whole principality in your possession, which you will build up with settlements and castles. By developing trade and building mines, you will achieve prosperity and victory.

Clash of clans

Clash of Clans can be considered the first mobile strategy. The game starts in a mini-village, abandoned and poor. Your task is to turn the settlement into a powerful metropolis or an impregnable fortress. Gather resources to develop your village, or build defenses to protect it from enemies. You will have to fight with enemy clans to succeed. The game, thanks to multiplayer and updates, has not lost its popularity for many years.

PUBG Mobile

Launched on computers in 2017, this game is now available on smartphones. Players find themselves in an abandoned area, the task is to find tools and equipment in order to survive and defeat enemies. We'll have to use ingenuity and a strategy of waiting. Practice on bots to then get involved in the fight against a dangerous opponent.


In this corporate game, you will have to become a medic, scientist or builder to prevent the spread of viruses on the planet. It is necessary to save humanity from extinction and find a cure for every disease.


Tabletop economic strategy in German style. She was awarded the title "Game of the Year" in Germany. The essence of "Carcassonne" is the phased collection of the playing field and the placement of subjects on it - meeples. From where they are placed, it depends who these little men will become - knights, peasants, monks or robbers.

Pokémon GO

This game application can be considered the most "sensational". Even those who don't play on smartphones know about Pokémon GO. In this mobile game, you have to catch Pokémon in real life using AR elements. Look for them on the streets of the city. Find PokeStop locations for additional tools. Use swipe gestures and pokeballs to catch Pokémon.

On a note!

Pokemon Go not only provoked many unusual reactions - growth in the stock market, dating, injury, but also helped introverted people learn to interact with the outside world. She has also helped many players cope with depression and even mental disabilities.


You can craft anything in this multiplayer game. In an effort to survive in an endlessly built world, you have to collect food, extract resources, build houses and farms. The game features simple visuals, but this does not detract from its popularity.

By installing any of these games, you can play with a company, with friends or virtual acquaintances. You can play the board game anytime and anywhere, now you don't need chips and cards, now all the games are in your smartphone.



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