Why iOS apps crashed globally.

On July 10, a huge number of messages appeared on social networks that people cannot enter many applications, reinstalling the results does not bring any results. A little later, it turned out that there was a crash in the operation of applications for iOS, since the problem occurred exclusively on devices from Apple. After some time, information appeared about the cause of the incident.

What Facebook reports

The main reason for the crashes was the Facebook SDK, a tool built into many applications. It is intended not only for authorization, but also for targeting and analytics of advertising campaigns launched by advertisers.

The system works like this: the tool sends a request to Facebook, receives a response from there and sends information to the application, if necessary. Due to yesterday's failure, the Facebook SDK received data that it could not process, which is why applications were closed or various errors came out.

Facebook representatives have already announced that work is underway to fix the problem and every effort will be made to return all iOS devices to normal operation as soon as possible.

The disruptions affected dozens of applications, and not only those that are used all over the world: many regional programs and platforms that use the tool from Facebook also stopped working. It is known for sure that yesterday and today it was impossible to enter the following programs:

From Russian-language applications, when logging in from an iPhone or iPad, all services of Yandex, Avito, Auto.ru and many others did not work. Today there were reports of recovery. This was also stated by representatives of Facebook: in their report it is said that the cause of the failure was found and eliminated.

In offline mode, everything opened, but there was no sense from this, since without an Internet connection it is impossible to use the functionality of the programs.

It is worth noting that this is not the first such incident: a couple of months ago, a similar situation already occurred, and it was also associated with the Facebook SDK. But in early May, the failures were not on such a scale and they were able to be corrected within a fairly short period of time.


The developers of the applications affected by the problem urged users not to uninstall or reinstall the programs multiple times, as this does not make sense. In light of this situation, many experts have recommended registering without using Facebook - via email, phone number or other social networks, if possible.



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