Despite the wide range of possibilities, movement remains a real challenge because it is difficult to perform certain maneuvers in tight spaces.

WhatsApp today is one of the most popular instant messengers in Russia, it is installed in almost every smartphone within our country and far beyond its borders. However, this does not mean at all that it is devoid of disadvantages.

Learn more about the new WhatsApp feature

One of the most frequent complaints from users was that the messenger cannot be installed on multiple devices at the same time. For many, this moment became critical, as a result of which they abandoned WhatsApp in favor of Viber or Telegram.

WhatsApp vs Telegram

The Linked Devices feature, or Linked Devices, will allow you to use one account on four different devices, without connecting to the phone to which the account is linked.

This is extremely important for the modern user, because today everyone has not only a smartphone, but also a tablet, a smart watch, a laptop, and a PC, but the use of the messenger is seriously limited due to the lack of the described possibility.

When will Linked Devices go live?

At the moment, according to the site , the company has not named specific terms, but it is known that testing is at the final stage. Today, the mechanisms for synchronizing the chat history have already been debugged, the ability to disable chats on different devices is available, as well as receive a message delivery report.

By adding the Linked Devices function to its capabilities, WhatsApp is seriously strengthening its position, becoming much more convenient and, unambiguously, becoming almost inaccessible to competitors in Russia



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