How to Choose a Budget Modern Storage System.

The problem of storing and processing data is inevitably faced not only by large and small organizations, but also by home computer users. Leading manufacturers of computers and components are constantly developing in this area. Among modern storage systems, there are also budgetary ones - ratings of the best are compiled annually.

Rating of the best manufacturers

An information storage system is a complex of specialized equipment and software for recording, storing and processing data of various types. Together they ensure the protection and safety of information, its availability at any time for all users. Popular models:

IBM FlashSystem 9100 - storage systems from the industry leader with flexible options for hardware configuration and processing of data arrays, designed for corporate use with the ability to cloud storage. The maximum recording capacity is 460 terabytes, and with the use of information compression technology - up to 2 petabytes.

HPE Nimble Storage is a platform for corporate clients from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Differs in high reliability of all components and excellent speed. The company is also a recognized leader in the budget segment - the hp msa 1050 storage systems are available in various configurations to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. In terms of reliability and functionality, this equipment is not much inferior to devices from the flagship segment. Scalability provides for the development and growth of storage volumes at minimal cost, and built-in data processing algorithms meet the requirements of the next generation of storage systems.

Samsung NVMe-SSD F1 is the next generation of compact storage. For modules with a volume of 8 TB, it is possible to grow up to storage with a total capacity of 576 TB. SDH is recommended for corporate servers and analytical centers, its algorithms are designed to process large amounts of data.

Pure Storage FlashArray // X is a family of storage systems, consisting of systems of five configurations, designed to work with various amounts of information. The most budgetary of them is X10, aimed at small and medium-sized organizations. X90 is a flagship segment with a maximum storage capacity of up to 3 PB. All configurations include Purity storage management, which improves compacting efficiency by 20%.

The Western Digital Ultrastar DC ME200 is a drive designed for real-time data analytics and applications. Its main advantages are performance and compatibility with most servers.

Nimbus Data ExaDrive is a family of drives that includes the world's largest expandable storage capacity of 100 TB. The warranty period for this device is five years.

The speed and efficiency of the system depends on how well all the components meet the assigned tasks.

One of the main criteria for choosing a budgetary storage system for a developing enterprise is scalability. This is an opportunity to subsequently add additional modules to the existing system without loss of functionality or the need for fundamental reorganization. It allows for reasonable and safe savings at the stage of its implementation, but does not set hard limits on future progress.

In view of the fact that computer technology is rapidly developing and becoming obsolete, it is recommended to select the equipment with the best characteristics available.

The safety of information is ensured by modern algorithms for recording and organizing memory. All records in the storage system are backed up two or more times. The same technology partly ensures the speed of the system - data is processed from copies into several streams. And the reliability of the system as a whole is supported by built-in systems for monitoring the status of records and the media themselves. Equipment with the ability to hot swap components is preferable - without interrupting work.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the problem of storing information is no less acute than for large corporations. It is compounded by the unpredictable growth in the volume of data. Best of all, the task of secure long-term storage is solved in storage systems based on flash systems. Hewlett Packard IT equipment implements modern technologies and algorithms for working with data arrays taking into account constantly increasing loads.



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